27 000 Hours From First Contact

A little bit science, a little bit sci-fi, but everything that touches on the microscopic.


The name sake of this site is actually part of a quote from John Carpenter’s The Thing. I love that movie, and the whole genre of science-fiction as a whole. It had a big influence on me developing a love of science as a kid. Though, it was not The Thing that I was watching as a kid. Movies like Honey, I Shrunk the Kids and Back to the Future were what I was watching.

All that said, this site is me posting on what’s really grabbing me about science and science-fiction, but probably more science most of the time. My name is Patrick K. Taylor and I’m a PhD student in microbiology. I have a particular fascination with the molecular machinery of cells and how that microscopic world ticks away to determine our macro world. Being a scientist, I have a desire to talk about and communicate science with others and that’s what this blog will be about.

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